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My Neighbor Totoro - Blind Box - Plump Swaying Rise and Drop (one piece / one random type only)

Type: Figure

**(this price is for one piece / one random type only)**

**(this price is not 6 types / boxes)**

**This item is a 'Blind Box' toy. Each purchase gives you a chance to receive any one of the toy varieties displayed in the photo. Please note, this product is sold individually and not as a complete set.**

From "My Neighbor Totoro" comes a soft vinyl "Okiagari Koboshi" with a nice texture♪ There are

3 types of large Totoro (gray, green, brown), a medium Totoro, a small Totoro, and a snowman
. Fun to watch ♪ * There is no secret.
It has a chubby design and has a solid weight, so you can gently rock it and spin it around. They are cute even when displayed side by side☆

[Size (approximately)]
(approximately) Height 45-52mm
* Varies depending on the design.
・ Package size:
(Inner box) W60 x H105 x D155mm

SKU: Azarashi-Ghibli-011