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Kawaii Key Ring - Animal Soft Toy - Corocoro-life 30-types - L Size - (Random)

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Type: Key Chain
(Random 1 type dispatch )
Korokoro Life Mascot BC 30 types
The popular "Korokoro Life Mascot BC" has been greatly upgraded!
The number of assortments has increased from 20 types in the previous version to a total of 30 types, the largest number in the series!
In addition to the standard [Shibainu], [Kuma], [Shimaenaga], etc., [Kawaawauso], [Kamonohashi], [Upparupa], etc. have been added to the lineup to give you a rich variety♪.
Ball chain included.
Fun to collect, display, and stack!

*Size:squirrel / approx. W7 x D9 x H6.5cm (ears* tail not included / varies depending on the type)
*Types: 30 AS
*Remarks:Individual OPP bag *With paper tag
Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: *Material: polyester
*Weight: squirrel/approx. 23g (varies depending on type)
SKU: 10531754S1