Kawaii Key Ring - Animal Soft Toy - Corocoro-life 30-types - L Size

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Type: Key Chain
Korokoro Life Mascot BC 30 types
The popular "Korokoro Life Mascot BC" has been greatly upgraded!
The number of assortments has increased from 20 types in the previous version to a total of 30 types, the largest number in the series!
In addition to the standard [Shibainu], [Kuma], [Shimaenaga], etc., [Kawaawauso], [Kamonohashi], [Upparupa], etc. have been added to the lineup to give you a rich variety♪.
Ball chain included.
Fun to collect, display, and stack!

*Size:squirrel / approx. W7 x D9 x H6.5cm (ears* tail not included / varies depending on the type)
*Types: 30 AS
*Remarks:Individual OPP bag *With paper tag
Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: *Material: polyester
*Weight: squirrel/approx. 23g (varies depending on type)
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