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Kawaii Soft Key Chain - Fluffy Animal Cotton Candy

Type: Key Chain

Introducing the "Fluffy Animal Cotton Candy" stuffed toy mascot - a round and fluffy companion that resembles the sweet treat it's named after! Measuring 6.5cm in diameter and made of soft, fluffy fabric, this plush mascot comes in eight different pastel colors that add to its adorable appeal.

Each mascot also comes with a ball chain for easy attachment to your bag or keychain. Whether you hang it alone or with a group of other mascots, the round shape of this toy only adds to its cuteness factor!


*Size:Bear / approx. W6.5 x D6.5 x H6.5cm (excluding ears * tail)
*Types:8 types AS
*Remarks:In a large bag *With a paper tag
Country of manufacture: China
Material / component: *Material: Polyester
*Weight: Bear/approx. 12g (depends on type)
SKU: 11005091S1