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Pokemon - Moncolle Pocket Torze - Koraidon (Master Ball) (Japan Version)

Type: Toys

Pocket Torse is a janzan get!
Get the moncolle refreshing!
With Moncolle, you will be a Pokemon Trainer and will be ready to go.
You can get it again and again, so you can play it with your favorite moncolle!
How to play Poketolse
(1) Place your favorite Pokemon (Moncolle), and hold your Pokémon.
Aim and Aim...
(2) Open the ball and the arms stretch out to get your Pokemon!
You can get the Moncolle of the MS series.
Some of the (MS series are not compatible with some Moncolle).

Set Contents:

Pocket Torse X (1),

Koraidon X (1)

Technical Details

SKU: Azarashi-PKM-031