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Sonny Angel - Blind Box - Birthday gift -bear- (One Box - Random)

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Type: Figure

Make your once-a-year birthday even more special♪ Celebrate with Sonny Angel, who is loved all over the world! “Sonny Angel BIRTHDAY GIFT -Bear-” will be released!

A new series is now available in the popular "BIRTHDAY GIFT" series. Sonny Angel, dressed in an adorable ``teddy bear'' costume, will make your special birthday even more special with balloons, cake, and presents in hand. The way he just sits there is so adorable.
I want to convey the feeling of ``congratulations'' to that special person... I will smile gently by your side as if gently pushing you on the back.

There is space on the package to write the addressee♪ It is also perfect as a birthday gift for that special someone.
Would you like to give Sonny Angel on a special day that comes once a year?

◆ Product weight: Approx. 37-41g
◆ Product material: ATBC-PVC
◆ Product size: Approx. W40-50 x H75 x D33-45/mm ◆

Please note that we may not have all the types available.

SKU: Azarashi-SonnyAngel-006