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Sonny Angel - Blind Box - Hippers Harvest Series (One Box - Random)

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Type: Figure

The theme of the second edition of HIPPERS is “harvest.” Sonny Angel, wearing a headgear made of colorful vegetables and fruits, climbs all over the place. “HIPPERS Harvest Series” released!

The long-awaited second edition of HIPPERS, a decorative figure that can be attached to everyday items, ``HIPPERS Harvest Series'' is now on sale. The theme of the second edition is "Harvest". The cute pose that makes you want to harvest it quickly makes you want to grab the stem and pull it out. This time, you can enjoy decorating not only around smartphones and computers, but also around dining tables, kitchens, and even flower pots.

Decorate everyday items easily and cutely. Sonny Angel will be watching over you at all times, so your work and studies will go well. Where do you decorate?


A cute decoration for your dining table or your favorite cafe. If you attach it to a flower pot, you will want to harvest Sonny Angel.

It's a removable adsorption sheet, so you can stick it anywhere you like. *Adhesive strength may decrease depending on the material and condition of the surface to be pasted.

Vibrant package design that lets you feel the freshness of fruits and vegetables. There are 13 types of figures, 12 types + 1 secret type. It's fun to see which Sonny Angel you'll meet after opening the box.

■“Sonny Angel HIPPERS Harvest Series” lineup

Compared to the minifigure fruit series and vegetable series, the stem and leaf parts are slightly larger. In addition to popular characters, Sonny Angel's first ever character also appears♪


◆Product weight: Approx. 23~27g
◆Product material: ATBC-PVC
◆ Product size: Approx. W35 x H80~100 x D25~32/mm ◆
Please note that we may not have all the types available.)

SKU: Azarashi-SonnyAngel-004