Sonny Angel - Blind Box - hippers (One Box - Random)

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Type: Figure

“Sonny Angel HIPPERS”, figures that decorate things around you, will be released!

A new figure series “HIPPERS” is now available from Sonny Angel!
This is a completely new decoration figure that can be attached to computers, photo frames, etc.
He will always take good care of you, taking care of everything around you.


◆ Product weight: Approx. 25~29g
◆ Product material: ATBC-PVC
◆ Product size: Approx. W30~48 x H75~98 x D25~35/mm ◆
(*If purchased in the assortment box) (Please note that we may not have all types available.)

SKU: Azarashi-SonnyAngel-005