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Sonny Angel - Blind Box - Sweets series (One Box - Random)

£24.99 Regular price £26.99
Type: Figure

Sonny Angel Minifigures Wearing Delicious Sweets On Their Head!

These charming little Sonny Angels come wearing delicious sweets and snacks on their heads. Try collecting all 12 figures! We are sure these scrumptious looking Sonny Angels will brighten up your day!

◆ Product weight: Approx. 32-34g
◆ Product material: ATBC-PVC
◆ Product size: Approx. H75-100/mm
◆ Package size: Approx. W50 x H102 x D45/mm
(*Even if you purchase in the assortment box, you may not get all the types. Thank you for your understanding.)

SKU: Azarashi-SonnyAngel-007