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Sumikkogurashi - Tenori plush toy set [92701]

Type: Soft Toys
[Welcome! The Kingdom of Food]
One day, a carriage came to pick up Tonkatsu.
Sumikko and her friends arrived at a place where all the leftovers are gathered, dreaming that one day they will be eaten.
Sumikko and the others arrive at the "Kingdom of Food", where the leftovers gather in hopes of one day being eaten by the Sumikko!

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Country of manufacture: Vietnam
Material / component: TENORI plushie set: soft boa (Tonkatsu is made of micro velboa, rice pony is made of sheep boa)
Tenori-plushie (assorted): made of soft boa (shrimp pirate's tail and Uke-Dama-taijin are made of sheep boa)
Tenori-plushie (King Tonkatsu): made of micro velboa
Kingdom Sightseeing Tenori-plush toy set: made of soft boa
Scene plushie: made of soft boa
SKU: 10783714S2